24 February 2009 ~ 2 Comments

What’s In Your T-Shirt Drawer?

A shirt from your high school track team?
One from a sorority event?
Your all-time favorite rock band?
Or from the junior high summer camp where you met your first love?

We recently conducted a nationwide survey and found that roughly 4 out of 5 Americans still hang on to at least one favorite, sentimental old t-shirt – and, more likely, they still have two or three.

Shirts from a vacation led the way by far across all demographic groups.  Shirts from a business or employer, from a concert, from a favorite pro or college sports team, and from a charity run/walk also are popular.

So what’s your list?  Share it with us on our Facebook page, here.  Add a list to the discussion titled My Favorite Shirts, or add a photo to the album with the same name.

We’ll even get it started with a few of our own lists:


  • Racquet Ball t-shirt – paper thin light blue tee that I bought at a thrift store in Seattle in 2000.
  • Dave Letterman shirt (the first time) – bought in 1998 while at the show. This shirt was retired in 2008.
  • Hanes Beefy T with navy BlueCotton oval logo. I started wearing this bad boy around 2004. The shirt has probably been washed 300 times and it shows.
  • BTSS shirt – my rap group from 4th grade. I still own this shirt although I can’t sport it. It had felt iron on letters that said BTSS. Brad, Ty, Shaun, Steve.
  • CABG shirts – who does love a good coronary artery bypass graft shirt?


  • Gym tee, circa 1988. It is so soft, and still fits. No age jokes from you, Michael.
  • Navy long-sleeve BlueCotton tshirt from Christmas 2003. Nothing says the holidays like that shirt.
  • Guffy-Kuykendall shirt from Leann’s 2003 WKU Archaeology class. I wasn’t in the class, but the design is choice.
  • Get Fresh Crew tshirt, tearing it up at the B+B on Fri nights. You know who you are.
  • My Amazing Delores tshirt from 1996. Because she signed it “Amaizing Delores.” Amazing.

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06 December 2007 ~ 0 Comments

The Right White Shirt

A t-shirt is just a t-shirt, right? Wrong. In fact there are countless differences between brands of shirts. These sometimes-subtle differences can be huge factors when trying to decide which shirt will work best for you. That’s where I can help! I took 5 different shirts that we offer and wore them for a week to test them out. The shirts I chose to include in my research were all 100% cotton basic white t-shirts.

American Apparel 2001
Alternative Apparel AA05
Hanes Beefy Tee 5180
Hanes Tagless Tee 5250
Gildan 2000

For the fashion forward readers (like myself) I would highly recommend the Alternative Apparel and the American Apparel tees. Both of these garments have a slimmer cut and a more vintage feel about them. American Apparel is produced entirely in the United States, unlike the others, but is at the higher end of the cost spectrum. The Alternative Apparel t-shirt has a more sheer quality to it and it is extremely soft and breathable. Currently the Alternative Apparel AA05 is not available on our site, but is making its debut in the coming weeks!

For the shopper on a budget, I would recommend the Gildan 2000. The 2000 is one of our top sellers due to its low price, superior fit and wide range of sizes. With over 60 colors in sizes small to 2X and select colors going up to 3XLT, the choices are limitless!

If you like a beefier tee that holds up to lots of hard wear and tear, Hanes is the brand for you. The Hanes Beefy Tee is wider cut than the other shirts, but is excellent for any athletic activities you may find yourself in. Also the Beefy 5180 tee and its Tagless 5250 counterpart come in a wide range of colors and sizes sure to fit anyone and any budget.

No matter which shirt you choose, you are bound to get a great deal and an even greater shirt, especially with BlueCotton.com on your side!

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25 June 2007 ~ 0 Comments

BlueCotton.com Launches New Website featuring Design Studio

BlueCotton.com DesignStudio

Bowling Green, KYBlueCotton.com announced the launch of their new custom apparel website on Monday, June 25. The centerpiece of the new site is the “DesignStudio” where users can design custom printed t-shirts and embroidered apparel through a powerful interactive interface that entertains the imagination. “We tried to think through every possible option that we could currently offer our customers in a traditional face to face setting, and then find a way to take that experience online and make the process fun and intuitive. Many of our favorite retail apparel sites offer some type of interactive shopping experience, but when you’re talking about custom t-shirts, the creative process has to be almost limitless”, explained owner Mike Coffey.

The DesignStudio utilizes Flash Technology which allows the user a tremendous amount of creative control over the clip art, text tools, and shape tools that make up the heart of the website. It also features the ability for users to upload their own images. BlueCotton.com has taken the design online application to a new level over other competitors and in so doing has made the process as easy as it should be. Even if you are not in the market for custom t-shirts or embroidered apparel, this site is worth visiting just for fun.

Based in Bowling Green, Kentucky, BlueCotton.com has been selling printed t-shirts and embroidered apparel since 1991. All of their production is done on location at 131 Vanderbilt Ct. A new production facility is currently under construction and will be ready to move into in September of this year. Before the launch of BlueCotton.com, nearly half of their revenue came from sales to fraternities and sororities nationwide through their other website, www.greekt-shirts.com.

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