21 October 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Make Your Own T-Shirt “Char Cloth” for Your Next Camping Trip [Video]

We’ve shown you a handful of ways to re-purpose your old t-shirts, including a foam-stuffed pillow chair, a DIY grocery bag, and even turning them into new underwear. Well, for all of the hardcore survivalists out there… this one’s for you.

This Weekend Project video from Make Magazine demonstrates how you can make your own cheap and effective fire starter known as “Char Cloth.” All you’ll need for this project is an Altoids tin, a source of heat, and an old cotton t-shirt. Watch the video below for complete instructions and to see the “Char Cloth” in action!

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03 August 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Turn A Crew Neck into a V-Neck [Video]

A few months ago I shared a great video instructing ladies in how they could turn a shapeless unisex tee into something more-fitted and sexy.

In the same vein, YouTube user, withwendy, has created a very informative DIY video on how you can turn any standard crew neck tee into a stylish v-neck–a modification suitable for both men and women alike! As with some previous projects featured on the blog, some sewing skills are required. Check it out!

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14 June 2011 ~ 1 Comment

The Transforming Hoodie–More Than Meets the Eye

As you might have noticed by now, I get a kick out of the many ways people have devised to re-purpose their old t-shirts and apparel. In previous posts I’ve shared how you can turn an old t-shirt into a reusable grocery bag and even a stuffed pillow chair. Both of those projects required the use of additional materials, and in the case of the pillow chair, some significant sewing skills. So, what if you could temporarily re-purpose a shirt on-the-fly with no additional materials?

Well, the geniuses at Conceptual Devices have figured out how to do just that with the always-versatile hooded sweatshirt. The image above provides step-by-step instructions in how to turn your favorite hoodie into a temporary laptop bag! But that’s not all. Check out their website for more cool ways to transform your hoodie, including an impromptu pillow and even a baby carrier!

For those of you that are more visual learners, watch this video from Lifehacker for a full-motion demonstration of the hoodie laptop bag in action.

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02 June 2011 ~ 3 Comments

Turn Your Old Tees Into a Pillow Chair [Video]

Here’s yet another great project that makes use of your old t-shirts–a do-it-yourself pillow chair! This project comes to us from Tiffany Threadgould of RePlayGround and Becky Stern of Craftzine.com. You may remember Becky from a previous post back in April, “Hey, Ladies! Modify Those Shapeless, Unisex Tees Into Something More Flattering.

Check out the embedded video below for a step-by-step walk-through of how you can create your very own pillow chair from a dozen old t-shirts and some spare upholstery foam. Some sewing skills are required for this project, so keep that in mind before cutting up your old t-shirts! For a full list of materials and tools you’ll need to complete this project, check out this post on the craftzine blog.

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18 May 2011 ~ 2 Comments

We Have Lift-Off! Build Your Own T-Shirt Cannon

On Monday, the space shuttle Endeavor made its historic launch into space for one final mission. In honor of the event, why not have a “launch” of your own? A launch of t-shirts! Introducing the DIY T-Shirt Cannon–the ultimate t-shirt delivery mechanism for your next event. In the video below, Kipkay shows you how to construct your very own high-powered t-shirt cannon out of parts commonly found at any hardware store.

This video only gives a general overview of the parts and process for the project, so when you’re ready to start building your own, be sure to check out this PDF for the full list of components and detailed instructions.

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