15 September 2011 ~ 1 Comment

T-Shirt Squad! [Video]

We’ve shown you how you can build your own, but are you aware of just how powerful a t-shirt cannon can be? Let the T-Shirt Squad show you! This team of elite operatives formed secretly by the government is a force to be reckoned with. Using the power of enthusiasm, team spirit, and awesome t-shirts, the T-Shirt Squad cannot only rile-up a crowd of thousands, but also conduct dangerous military operations. Video evidence is embedded below.

[NOTE: The following video contains some strong, censored language.]

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25 August 2011 ~ 1 Comment

T-Shirt Tidbits Round-Up

I’m often scouring the web for some useful or interesting things involving t-shirts. Here’s a round-up of some great t-shirt related tidbits I was able to find this week.

Neo-Nazi Giveaway T-Shirts Reveal a Secret Message

A group in Germany called “Exit Deutschland” created and gave away t-shirts seemingly in support of Neo-Nazi ideals. However, a hidden message of change and tolerance was revealed after the t-shirts were washed. Check out the full article at Gizmodo.

Measure Up Your Beard with this Clever T-Shirt

The Beardly has created this fun and clever t-shirt (seen above). Where does your beard fall on a scale of “Manly” to “Beardly?”

The 10-Shot T-Shirt Cannon

I couple of months ago we shared how you could build your very own t-shirt cannon. Well, there’s always a bigger gun. Team 254 Robotics of Bellarmine College Prepatory of San Jose built this impressive 10-shot t-shirt cannon. You can read their full log of the build process on their website.

Former Threadless CTO Hired for Obama’s 2012 Campaign

Harper Reed, formerly of the popular “Threadless” t-shirt site, has joined Obama’s 2012 campaign as the Chief Technology Officer. Read the full article from the Chicago Tribune.

T-Shirt Uses Sound Waves to Power Smartphones

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