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18 September 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Funny Slogans for Family Reunion T-shirts

Funny Slogans for Family Reunion T-Shirts

Whether you see your extended family regularly or not-so-regularly – family reunions are your best opportunity to meet the second cousins you never knew you had. Whether you’re having a casual barbeque at a local park or a multi-day reunion – the budget for food, decorations and activities can be supplemented by selling custom t-shirts to family members who plan on attending the event. Other mementos like custom family reunion tote bags, hats or drinkware can also help cover the expenses associated with organizing a family reunion.

With everything else on your plate, we knew you may not have time to think of a clever one-liner to describe your family, so we’ve collected eleven of the funniest slogans for family reunion t-shirts below to help get you started!

1. “Trying to relate to the people I’m related to.”
2. “Families are like fudge… mostly sweet, with lots of nuts!”
3. “Remember, as far as anyone knows we are a normal family.”
4. “I survived the (name) family reunion.”
5. “Reunion survivor”
6. “Nuts make the family tree worth shaking”
7. “We put the FUN in dysfunctional!”
8. “Why be normal when you could be a (name)?”
9. “I went to the (name) family reunion and all I got was this (adjective) t-shirt!
10. “We are the people your mom warned you about.”
11. “It’s a (name) thing, you just wouldn’t understand.”

And there you have it! A handful of perfect one-liners for your upcoming event! What line would you use to describe your family? Let us know!

29 August 2013 ~ 0 Comments

5 Things Every Bachelorette Party Should Have

Congratulations! If you’re here, chances are you have a very special day to plan! Are you a Maid of Honor or bridesmaid looking for advice on how to throw your bestie a bachelorette party to remember? We’re here to help. Rest assured, you are way ahead of the game.

Check out our recommendations for five things every bachelorette party should have!

1. A Fabulous and Fun Theme

A theme for a bachelorette party can be as simple or as elaborate as the bride would like. From a theme as straightforward as her favorite colors, like this “Pink and Black” party page, to a more creative and immersive experience based on her favorite era like our “Mad Men” party idea – a theme will give the party a structure upon which to build your attire and activities. While themes do serve as a great starting point for planning a bachelorette party, always make sure ensure the bachelorette’s personality and style shine through by involving her in the early stages party-planning process.

2. Fantastic Food

Fantastic Food

Whether you plan to host the party at home, or head out on the town, food is necessary to any successful bachelorette party. Referencing the theme will often give you guidance when choosing foods or if your bachelorette is a foodie, you may even choose to build your theme around the food itself! Many larger cities offer tasting tours, where your party can restaurant hop all over town, enjoying progresssive courses at each restaurant. Meet for drinks at the first venue and proceed through appetizers, a main course, and finish with dessert, each specially prepared at a different restaurant.

Google the city of your choice for tastings and tours, and you’re sure to find a culinary adventure fit for any foodie bachelorette. One happy party hostess commented, “I was looking for an alternative to the bar scene for a bachelorette party that I was hosting. I came across the Milwaukee Food Tours website on a whim, and it ended up being the best thing that we did that night. We learned about this awesome city that we live in and went to restaurants that we had never been to before. We left with a full stomach and a want for more… we for sure will be booking another tour!”

3. Faithful Friends

Faithful Friends

Bachelorette parties are a great time for the bride’s old friends and new friends to bond before the wedding! It’s the perfect opportunity for everyone to experience something together and interact in a relaxed, comfortable environment -whether it be a new, highly recommended restaurant, a culinary adventure all over the city, or a wine and cheese tour. Jasmine Moir at writes “Make everyone feel welcome and connected by having the bride introduce each friend to the others and share a funny story or sweet memory from their friendship.”

4. Fanciful Favors

Bachelorette Party Shirts

The back of the custom party shirts featured names and numbers. The numbers combined reflect the bride's wedding date! Too cute!

Favors are not only a tangible token of the time spent with the bachelorette’s friends, it’s also an appropriate way to thank each guest for contributing her time and money to the occasion. The gift need not be costly. Homemade coasters are an inexpensive and attractive gift. If you’ve chosen a mani/pedi or other pampering theme, you may wish to make DIY sugar scrubs for the guests. Custom bachelorette party t-shirts can be created online and worn during the party, or wrapped in a cute theme-appropriate bow or box and taken home as a memento. Custom wine glasses, pint glases or tumblers are also fun and inexpensive favors that can be created to match any theme.

5. Festive Photos

Bachelorette Party Photo

You could hire the bachelorette’s wedding photographer to spend a couple of hours committing the party to digital memories, or you can enlist the entire party to contribute to the photo bonanza. You can even add props to your photo shoot – referring back to your theme to choose suitable props to enhance your photographs.  These easy DIY chalkboard comment bubbles  go with nearly any theme, make photos more fun and serve double duty as a party favor!

Whether the bachelorette is ready to kick back or throw down, these five essentials will help you plan a customized bachelorette party. If we expanded this list to 10 things – what five things would you add? Let us know in the comments!

13 August 2013 ~ 0 Comments

How to Recycle Old T-Shirts into a Dress

T-Shirt Dress Tutorial

What could be more comfortable than a casual summer dress made out of recycled t-shirts? We can’t think of anything better! Breezy and becoming, this simple t-shirt dress is as easy to make as it is easy to wear.

Time to Complete: 1 hour

T-Shirt Dress Tutorial

What You’ll Need:

  • One v-neck t-shirt for the top of your dress in your usual size.
  • One t-shirt for the bottom, 1-2 sizes larger than your usual size. The larger size shirt will supply additional fabric needed for the length of the skirt, especially if you’d like to be below the knee.
  • 2” elastic that compliments your shirt colors. The elastic will be visible.
  • A rotary blade for cutting fabric.
  • A straight-edged ruler.
  • Measuring tape.
  • Pins.
  • A sewing machine (not pictured).

T-Shirt Dress Tutorial

1. Choose a v-neck in your favorite color for the top of the dress. The fit of the shoulders to waist is the most important part, as you will eventually be cutting off the bottom portion of the t-shirt. Put the t-shirt on and mark it with chalk at your natural waist.

T-Shirt Dress Tutorial

2. Using the rotary blade and straight-edged ruler, carefully cut below the chalk mark indicating your natural waistline.

T-Shirt Dress Tutorial

3. Discard the lower half of the shirt, or better yet, use it to create another fabulous DIY project, such as these upcycled t-shirt bangles!

T-Shirt Dress Tutorial

4. Next, prepare and cut elastic waistband. Elastic should be 1” – 1.5” shorter than the width of your top. You may add 1/2” for the seam.

T-Shirt Dress Tutorial

5. Sew the ends of the elastic waistband together to form a circle. A zig-zag stitch is recommended for stretch fabrics.

T-Shirt Dress Tutorial

6. Quarter the waistband into four equal parts and pin at the quarter marks. This is easily accomplished by pinning the ends first which gives you two equal havles. Then line up these two pins in the middle to find the other two quarter locations.

T-Shirt Dress Tutorial

7. Divide the shirt top into four equal parts by first pinning the side seams. This will divide the shirt into two halves. Fold these two pins together in the center. Then pin the sides again. The shirt will now be pinned in quarters.

T-Shirt Dress Tutorial

8. Now, it’s time to start creating the skirt! Measure from your natural waist to the desired length.

T-Shirt Dress Tutorial

9. Now that you have your desired skirt length, it’s time to get to work on turning the second t-shirt into a skirt. Be sure to add 1/4″ to the desired skirt length to accomodate for the waist band seam!

T-Shirt Dress Tutorial

10. Cut the skirt portion of your dress from the bottom of the t-shirt and discard the top, or retain the material for other projects.

T-Shirt Dress Tutorial

11. Place your elastic loop inside the skirt with right sides together, pinning the waistband to the skirt with the quarter marks matching up.

T-Shirt Dress Tutorial

12. Attach skirt to waistband with a zig-zag stitch and a 1/4” seam, backstitching the beginning of your sew.

T-Shirt Dress Tutorial

13. As you sew the zig zag stitch for the waistband and skirt, stretch the elastic slightly so that it performs and gathers when worn. Remove the quarter mark pins as you reach them and backstitch the end of the waistband when you reach it.

T-Shirt Dress Tutorial

14. Flip the elastic band up and out of the top of the skirt. The result should look similar to what you see in the image above.

T-Shirt Dress Tutorial

15. The final step is to attach the t-shirt top onto the elastic banded-skirt. Quarter the waistband again by pinning the waistband into four equal parts as you did earlier. Place your top inside the skirt and pin together again at marked quarters with the right sides together.

T-Shirt Dress Tutorial

16. Sew the top and elastic band together with a zig-zag stitch in the same way you sewed the skirt and elastic together.

T-Shirt Dress Tutorial

17. If the elastic band and top do not match up, simply stretch the shorter of the two, so they are flat as you sew them together.

T-Shirt Dress Tutorial

18. Your new dress in complete! We decided to use a skirt and top of the same color, but feel free to mix it up with various colors, shirt styles, and elastic types! What other ways have you found to refashion plain t-shirts into stylish summer dresses? Let us know!

16 July 2013 ~ 0 Comments

7 Inspiring Examples of Refashioned T-Shirts

We all have a favorite t-shirt. If you’re lucky enough to work at a t-shirt company (wink, wink) where the dress code is so casual you actually get to wear t-shirts to work, you probably have several favorites. You may also have an over abundance of these cotton casuals that aren’t serving their intended duty. They have too much life to be turned into a dust rag, but don’t make quite the cut for public consumption. Here are several ways to refashion those surplus t-shirts and restore their honor.

1. T-Shirt No- Sew Bolero Shrug

Add some extra color and coverage to that summer dress with this simply romantic t-shirt shrug. Short sleeve or long sleeve, you can use most any t-shirt to add a pop of color to your outfit.

2. Easy T-shirt Aprons

T-Shirt Apron

I used to think aprons were a relic of the past, until I actually began doing a fair amount of entertaining and the associated cooking. These easy peesy t-shirt aprons will help keep your party clothes clean while you finish up those last minute preps. Guys, you can recycle one of your old football t-shirts to make an apron worthy of gridiron grilling.

3. DIY Shoe: T-Shirt + Flip Flops

DIY Shoes (Flip Flop + T-Shirt)

This DIY tutorial will show you how to transform an old pair of broken or uncomfortable flip-flops into a stylish pair of comfortable sandals using t-shirt fabric. If you’ve suffered any sandle “blow-outs” this summer where the strap came loose from the sole, you could certainly restrap the busted sandles with colorful fabric for a completely new look.

4. Bleach Art Tees

Bleach Art T-Shirt

All you need is a bleach pen, some stencils and a t-shirt. Get ready to wreck your way to an artful and edgy top. Make a creative, one-of-a-kind gift for a friend! The bleach pen technique can be used on any cotton item that is already dyed – think bandandas, hats or even shoes!

5. Yoga Pants

T-Shirt Yoga Pants

Who says yoga pants have to be bland? Turn a couple of your favorite graphic tees into personalized pair of comfy yoga pants.

6. Peplum T-shirt

Peplum T-Shirt

Add a bit of stylish flair and literal flare to one of your tees with this DIY peplum t-shirt. This is a great DIY project if you want to transform a plain t-shirt into something a bit more trendy.

7. Layered Tee

Layered T-Shirt

Enter a new dimension of depth! Create your own layered tee by “cutting away” the fabric on top to “reveal” the contrasting fabric underneath.

We hope you’ve been inspired to try one of these projects for yourself! Do you have any t-shirt restyling tips for us? Let us know in the comments below!

08 July 2013 ~ 2 Comments

Not Your Average Birthday Party Ideas

A few months ago, my youngest nephew turned 6 years old. One of his absolute favorite things right now is the popular smartphone game, Angry Birds. He’s constantly playing it on his mom’s iPhone. He loves to draw impressive illustrations of all the different bird characters. Heck, even the comforter set on his bed is Angry Birds themed.

Angry Birds Birthday Party

When it came time to celebrate his 6th birthday, it was an obvious decision to base his party around his current obsession. He had an Angry Birds cake, Angry Birds plates, and, of course, he wore his Angry Birds t-shirt. The coolest thing, however, had to be the human-sized slingshot built by my brother-in-law. My sister painted different-colored rubber balls to look like the different birds and everyone took turns launching them at a tall stack of cardboard boxes. It was just like the game, but in real life! The kids had an absolute blast, but all the adults eventually found themselves wanting to try it, too!

I found myself asking, “Why do kids get to have all the fun?” As grown-ups, we all have things we enjoy, just like my nephew. Sure, it may be silly for an adult to have an “Angry Birds” party, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun themed birthday parties of our own. Here are a handful of cool ideas for themed birthday parties, created especially for the “big kids.”

1. Mad Men Party

Mad Not Your Average Birthday Party Ideas - Men Themed Party

Mad Men is one of the hippest shows on television. A winner of four Primetime Emmy Awards for outstanding drama series, Mad Men is an authentic interpretation of 1960s America. Not only is the visual style and art direction spot-on, it also provides an accurate look at social issues of the time. Mad Men is already one of those shows that naturally draws people together to watch as a group, and with the distinct look of the 1960s, it’s the perfect inspiration for a themed party.

Anna Moseley, from AskAnna, has a great, photo-heavy post detailing the Mad Men birthday party that she put together. She started with some classy martini-themed invitations in the mandatory red, black, and white Mad Men color palette and requested guests attend in appropriate attire for the show’s 1960s time period, of course. Next, she made sure to have plenty of 1960s-era props and furniture, including some vintage print advertisements reminiscent of Don Draper’s best campaigns. Finally, it wouldn’t be a Mad Men party without some adult beverages that would fit right in among Roger Sterling’s minibar. Check out her full post for a more thorough break-down of her party, including lots of great photos!

2. 80s Party

Not Your Average Birthday Party Ideas - 80s Party

Regardless of whether you were actually around to experience them or not, the 1980s have come to be known for their apparent excess. Fashion was full of bright, neon colors, crazy animal patterns, and spandex. Hairstyles were defined by large bangs and lots of hairspray. Video games, both at the arcade and at home, became mainstream. All of these things and more make the 1980s prime themed-party material.

Jennifer Sbranti, editor-in-chief of the Hostess with the Mostess Blog, has a great write-up on a bodacious 80s party planned by Alanna Andes Events + Parties + Design. The party invitations alone, which are made to look like a game cartridge for the original Nintendo Entertainment System, bring to mind a great sense of nostalgia. Decoration ideas include old audio cassettes, VHS tapes, animal-print banners, and classic 80s toys like Slinky and Jenga. Finally, the photo booth with its totally radical props–including a denim vest, neon Wayfarers, and paper speech bubbles–will entertain your guests indefinitely.

Continue for more party ideas…

24 June 2013 ~ 2 Comments

How to Craft a DIY T-Shirt Scarf

How to Craft a DIY T-Shirt Scarf

In our last post, we shared some cool do-it-yourself tutorials with ways to repurpose your old t-shirts, courtesy of a few of the best crafty blogs on the web. Today we have a little tutorial of our own! Check out our step-by-step guide on how to craft a simple, super-cute scarf out of an old t-shirt. Let’s get started!

What you’ll need:

  • One t-shirt. Any knit fabric will do. The larger the size, the longer the scarf will be.
  • Large, flat surface to lay out your t-shirt.
  • Rotary blade or scissors for cutting fabric.
  • Yard stick or large ruler for measuring and a straight edge.
  • An iron for pressing fabric.
  • A sewing machine for sewing.

1. Lay your t-shirt on a flat surface, smooth out to remove most of the wrinkles.

Step 1

2. Cut straight across the bottom of the t-shirt just above the hem.

Step 2a

With the bottom of the t-shirt removed, the result should look something like this:

Step 2b

Continue tutorial…