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27 April 2011 ~ 1 Comment

Perfect Your T-Shirt Folding Technique [Video]

The FlipFoldFolding your t-shirts can be a real pain. And, if you’re like me, you may not even know how to “properly” fold your t-shirts. Instead of that fancy “department store fold–as I like to call it–I usually just end up folding them right down the center leaving that unsightly crease over the length of my torso. Yeah, I could always build one of those t-shirt racks I recently posted about, but even then I would still have plenty of t-shirts left over in need of folding.

T-Shirt Folding Boards: Buy One, or Make One

Some of you might have seen one of those “professional” t-shirt folding boards–like the FlipFold (pictured right)–on a late night infomercial. Such a device will definitely make folding your shirts much simpler, but can be relatively expensive. If you have some spare cardboard boxes, a ruler, some duct tape, and a pair of scissors, you can just make your own! Check out this video to show you how.

The Japanese Folding Method: Fold Like a Ninja

Of course, there is another method worth trying that requires no additional equipment at all! The video below demonstrates an amazing folding trick that originates from Japan. It requires some practice to get the hang of it, but it’s a pretty impressive and effective way to properly fold your shirts.

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20 April 2011 ~ 2 Comments

The T-Shirt Grocery Bag: Say “No” to Plastic & Save Some Cash

In recent years, as the general population has become more environmentally-conscious, many “green” habits have taken to the mainstream. One such example is the proliferation of reusable grocery bags–a simple, but effective way to reduce waste and our reliance on non-degradable plastics. Continuing our anticipation of Earth Day 2011, I’m going to show you how you can jump on the reusable bag bandwagon without having to buy any of those expensive store-branded bags sold at the store.

As detailed in my previous post, The T-Shirt Lifecycle, some t-shirts inevitably fall out of our rotation for one reason or another. There’s no need to throw such a shirt away! Why not use it to create reusable grocery bag? Oh, and did I mention there’s no sewing required for this? That’s right. In this segment from NBC’s Today Show, author Jodi Kahn shows you how to complete this project with no more than an old t-shirt, a roll of duct tape, and common office stapler.

For more ways to recycle your old t-shirts, check out our previous post Earth Day 2011: Repurpose Your T-shirts.

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08 April 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Know Your Shirt!

What is your shirt’s story? Have you ever wondered about where your t-shirt comes from or where your shirt was made? Then check out Anvil’s site This site allows you to type in the lot number that is found on the back of the tag and explore the journey your shirt takes from the farm to your hands. You can track your own shirt or choose a random shirt. You will see the whole process from the farm to the yarn spinner then the textile mill, cut and sew, the distribution center and then finally to you. Videos and pictures at each stop personalize the process and go into further detail. Along the way you will learn about who some of the cotton farmers are and about Eli Whitney- who invented the cotton gin in 1792. From the cotton gin you are transported to Central America where the yarn spinning and cut and sew operations take place. From there you are introduced to Bob who manages a 16 acre distribution building back in South Carolina. Finally the shirt back to you.

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06 April 2011 ~ 5 Comments

Hey, Ladies! Modify Those Shapeless, Unisex Tees Into Something More Flattering [Video]

So, ladies, have you ever owned an awesomely rad t-shirt that you only wished was more flattering to your figure? Well, Becky Stern over at Make:Projects can show you how to modify a formless, boxy t-shirt into something a little more sexy. Check out the video below.

For a more detailed, step-by-step guide to this project, check out the full article: T-Shirt Mod: Boxy to Foxy.

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30 March 2011 ~ 0 Comments

3 Super-Geeky DIY T-Shirt Projects

Ben Heck’s “Portal”-Inspired T-Shirt

Ben Heck's "Portal" T-Shirt

Geek idol and modding god, Ben Heck, created his own high-tech t-shirt inspired by the popular video game “Portal” by Valve Software. The project utilizes a small LCD display, a miniature security camera, and a battery pack to create a t-shirt that creates the illusion of having a see-through ‘portal’ on your torso. Check out episode 4 of “The Ben Heck Show” for a full step-by-step breakdown of how he made the shirt.

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28 March 2011 ~ 0 Comments

5 Things The Cadbury Creme Egg Can Teach You About Selling T-shirts

Many of our customers use t-shirts as a fundraiser for their school club or charity event. Some of our customers are entrepreneurs launching their own custom t-shirt line. With you in mind, I’d like to offer some tips on reaching your target audience and maximize your opportunity for sales. The Cadbury Creme Egg has been a staple of spring confections since the 70s, and has some unique qualities that I believe can help you move more merchandise.

1. Timing is everything. The Cadbury Creme Egg is the #1 selling confection…but only between New Years Day and Easter. Make sure your t-shirts are available when people are most receptive to buying them. Strike while the egg’s hot, as it were.

2. Be unique. Sure, there are a lot of other eggs out there, but the Cadbury Creme Egg’s unique form factor makes it a standout. It’s not just another chocolate egg, it has a fondant filling and even a yolk! Surprise your supporters with a super-sweet design. Make your t-shirt more than “just another t-shirt.” Make it a classic…a must-have…a superstar.

3. The Creme Egg is unshareable. Just a like a t-shirt, the Cadbury Creme Egg is a solo adventure. Everyone wants their own and they’re virtually impossible to break in half and share. This works for you. Make sure you order youth and extended sizes so that no sale is lost due to lack of sizes available.

4. Location, location, location. The Cadbury Creme Egg is prominently displayed in the impulse-buy area of the markets. Make sure your shirts are equally accessible and visible to your target audience at every opportunity.

5. Be an irresistible indulgence. Just like the Cadbury Creme Egg’s limited availability during the spring, you can market your product as a limited edition. Encourage customers to purchase your fundraiser t-shirt now so they don’t miss out on the hot shirt of the season.

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