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20 March 2011 ~ 1 Comment

Kentucky vs. Duke: A Fantasy Rematch

Monday, March 21, 2011: Leann Farmer, Customer Service

March is my favorite month of the year. The weather in Kentucky takes a turn for the better and I enjoy long weekends full of great basketball. Sunshiny days usually take the sting out of my NCAA Tournament Bracket predictably going down in flames. See, bracketology is not my forte’. The sheer weight of my own biases drag down any sort of rational selection process. Unlike Dick Vitale or Jay Bilas, I cannot look at the field of 64 and weigh the teams equally based upon their stats and strength of schedule.

Allow me to explain. I was born a Kentucky basketball fan. I grew up listening to Cawood Ledford’s play-by-play of Kentucky basketball games as my bedtime story. Every year I have Kentucky going all the way to the Final Four and winning the National Championship. Anything else is inconceivable. It would be treasonous to choose any other team regardless of the logic employed. Kentucky must win. We must cut nets and hang another banner. It is demanded. It is expected. It’s what we do.

Last year I bought tickets to the NCAA Final Four in Indianapolis. A vast majority of sportscasters and basketball experts picked Kentucky to advance to the Final Four, so I felt justified in spending the cash for a chance to see the Wildcats on the biggest stage in college basketball.

Yours Truly meeting Dick Vitale at the 2010 NCAA Final Four. It was awesome, babyyyyy!

We had major talent in 2010. John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins, Patrick Patterson, Daniel Orton, Eric Bledsoe… all taken in the 1st round of the 2010 NBA draft. This was our year. We would hang another championship banner in the rafters of Rupp Arena, I just knew it. I had my Final Four tickets in hand when March rolled around, and was horror-stricken as we were bested in the Elite Eight by West Virginia. I should have just taken that ticket money and paid someone to punch me in the gut.

Even though Kentucky didn’t reach the Final Four, Big Blue Nation was definitely in attendance. I packed my travel bags full of Kentucky t-shirts and wore them proudly everyday in Indy. The bellhop at the check-in to our hotel pointed at my shirt and commiserated over Kentucky’s tough loss to the Mountaineers. Folks in the elevator noticed as well, and told me they had family in Ashland, Kentucky. A kid at the breakfast buffet tapped me on the arm and asked, “Do you know John Wall?”

In this sea of Duke and West Virginia supporters, we scanned the crowds and recognized the familiar UK2K t-shirts (commemorating Kentucky’s acheivement of being the 1st school to reach 2000 wins). We pumped our fists at other Kentucky fans in the distance. We were strangers in a strange land, but Big Blue Nation recognized one another via t-shirt and reached out to shout down the injustice of a Final Four proceeding with our favorite boys in blue. There were loud shouts across the mall “Go CATS!” and smiles and waves and honks from Kentucky fans everywhere I went. In a cruel twist of fate, I had actually paid money to watch Duke win a National Championship. If you are a Kentucky fan, you can taste the irony here.

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15 March 2011 ~ 0 Comments

The Top 5 Tech-Driven Shirts

We rounded up our favorite five t-shirts with a touch of techie greatness. Click the photo for more information.

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04 March 2011 ~ 0 Comments

New Garments Coming Soon…

We’re excited to announce the upcoming addition of over 30 new garments to our custom t-shirt design studio. We haven’t added this many new items since the launch of in 2003.

For our earth-friendly and green-conscious fans, we will be adding three more organic t-shirts choices and a shirt that is made of recycled cotton.

We’ve also beefed up our performance wear options for the gym rats. We’re adding more Adidas and Champion garments to our stable as well as a new moisture-wicking garment from Hanes. If you’re looking for your old P.E. shirt from middle school, The new Canvas shirt is perfect for those that are looking for a workout shirt that doesn’t have the “performance” feel or look…just well-worn softness.

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10 January 2011 ~ 0 Comments

New Design Contest!

Interested in a substantial discount on your next order? Then enter our latest design contest on our Facebook page! Watch the video below for all the details on how to enter your design!

For more BlueCotton videos, check out our YouTube channel.

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07 January 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Check out our YouTube Channel!

For all the latest videos from BlueCotton, check out our YouTube channel! There you will find garment videos, employee spotlights, tutorials & how-tos, and even some stuff that’s just for fun!

Here’s our latest video, which is an employee spotlight of Emily, one of our designers in the BlueCotton Art Department.

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30 March 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Site Review & Contest: Win 24 Free Tees!

Win 24 Screen Printed Tees from BlueCotton and PopCultureTees!

The folks at the PopCultureTees blog recently posted a great review of our site! Here’s a small excerpt from the article:

They sent a few dark tees with underbased prints that held up under stress testing of stretching the material (if you see cracks in the print when stretching the tee, you know it wasn’t properly cured). The trapping was spot on and it looked like the artwork had been well-prepped.

For you less technical folks: The prints looked great.

If you want to read the entire article, you can check it out here.

Now, as an opportunity to show off our outstanding product quality and customer service, we’re offering PopCultureTees readers the chance to win 24 FREE Screen Printed Tees!  Click here to see how to enter the contest and to check out the rules. Hurry! The contest ends April 6th!

Update: The contest has ended. Thanks to all of you that participated!

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