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18 September 2012 ~ 1 Comment

Raising the Bar: BlueCotton’s Guaranteed 24 Hour “Shirts in A Day” Service

Sometimes the need for custom t-shirts steals up on you like your Mom’s birthday. It’s tomorrow! It’s too late to send a card! I’m the worst son/daughter in the world to forget Mother’s birthday. Panic at the disco ensues. We’re here to help. We are the only custom t-shirt printer who has a 24 hour delivery service. We have offered our industry-leading Shirts in a Day service for over a year, but had a 12 piece minimum requirement in place. Recently, we expanded our 24 hour service (along with our Super Rush Service (3 day delivery) and Rush service (5 day delivery) to NO MINIMUMS! That’s right! You can order as little as 1 shirt and enjoy any of our super-fast, double-quick, Johnny-on-the-spot services with only 1 shirt. Delivery times are guaranteed on all of our rush services, so you know you order will arrive on time. Take a look at our Shirts in a Day infographic below, and let us know what you think. And hey – get your Mom a t-shirt for her birthday. SHe’ll love it, and you’ll remain her favorite child. We guarantee it.


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16 February 2012 ~ 0 Comments

Go Girl! Women’s and Junior’s Sale

Take advantage of BlueCotton’s “Go Girl!” sale through Friday, February 17th. We’re offering 10% off all women’s and junior’s custom t-shirts along with our everyday free shipping. If you’re still having cooler weather where you are – we are also offering this promotion towards custom women’s hoodies. If you’re already making vacation plans – you’ll also find custom women’s tank tops on sale.

What’s the difference between women’s and junior’s you ask? Check out our previous post: “Find the perfect fit: T-shirts for Ladies.”

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23 January 2012 ~ 0 Comments

BlueCotton Helps Share Your Message: The Center for Courageous Kids

“Beware the mundane, the comfortable, the lackluster or the negative. We are, by nature, brutal with our criticisms of others. We tend to take the microwaveable, quick and easy approach to life, to problems, to challenges. Step out of your comfort zone. Find your passion.” – Stormi Murtie, The Center for Courageous Kids

Over the past 25 years, custom t-shirts have increasingly become a form of mass communication. Used for advertising and promotion, to show one’s alliegence to a team, or to champion a cause or charity, custom t-shirts give you an opportunity to share your message with everyone you meet.

One of our core values at BlueCotton is to help our customers share their message through quality custom products. When I first met Stormi Murtie, communications director for The Center for Courageous Kids, I didn’t realize that I was meeting an inspirational powerhouse that would help BlueCotton make this core value more tangible.

She told me about the 20 million dollar state-of-the-art medical camping facility in nearby Scottsville, KY and invited BlueCotton to visit and learn about their mission to provide a “cost-free, safe and fun camping experience for seriously ill and disabled children and their families.”
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04 April 2011 ~ 0 Comments

BlueCotton to Launch Easter Egg Hunt

Long gone are the days of smelly hard-boiled eggs a-bakin’ in the sun out on your lawn. These days most folks have upgraded to plastic eggs filled with all sorts of treats. This year, BlueCotton is taking it up a notch and launching an online Easter Egg hunt.

Easter Eggs will be hidden within the website from April 8th-April 24th. Find one and you’ve got a chance to win some sweet prizes. We will be giving away a coupon good for $250 in custom t-shirts or other merchandise. Also up for grabs will be variety of BlueCotton swag, including hats, polos and t-shirts. More details to come….

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31 March 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Neon is Back!

Neon is back? Believe it! What is old is new again. Fashion trends from 25 years ago are creeping their way back into the mainstream. This Spring we will be sprinkling our wardrobes with neon green or neon yellow tees. Our Anvil 3979 Neon shirts will take your boring wardrobe to the ‘party zone.’ We have seen this before. Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses are cool and hip again. So too are Sperry Top-Siders. I see people wearing Top-Siders who wouldn’t know where to find the bow of a boat. This is nothing new. Trends move thru cycles and neon is just one of them. I just hope we don’t see neon jeans or worse yet… MC Hammer pants. ICKY!

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04 March 2011 ~ 0 Comments

New Garments Coming Soon…

We’re excited to announce the upcoming addition of over 30 new garments to our custom t-shirt design studio. We haven’t added this many new items since the launch of in 2003.

For our earth-friendly and green-conscious fans, we will be adding three more organic t-shirts choices and a shirt that is made of recycled cotton.

We’ve also beefed up our performance wear options for the gym rats. We’re adding more Adidas and Champion garments to our stable as well as a new moisture-wicking garment from Hanes. If you’re looking for your old P.E. shirt from middle school, The new Canvas shirt is perfect for those that are looking for a workout shirt that doesn’t have the “performance” feel or look…just well-worn softness.

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