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9 Ideas for DIY Graduation Gifts

It’s that time of year again. Graduation time. An exciting event for every high school senior, and a reminder for the rest of us of just how old we really are. When it comes to graduation gifts, the go-to idea is usually cash, but you can’t always expect an 18-year-old to spend it responsibly. Why not try giving your favorite graduate something made with love that they’ll actually use? Check out our list of 9 DIY graduation gift ideas.

1. Tile Photo Coasters

Tile Photo Coasters

If you’ve ever lived in a dorm room you know that space is a hard thing to come by, so there’s not much room for a bunch of photo frames featuring one’s friends. Why not give your graduate some memorable photos that serve an additional purpose? These stylish DIY Photo Tile Coasters are the perfect answer! There’s no better feeling, when you’re cramming for that mid-term history exam, than lifting up that fifth mug of coffee to see your best friend smiling back you as if saying, “I know studying sucks, but our Spring Break trip will make up for it, I promise!”

2. Money Soap

Money Soap

Patience is a virtue every graduate should learn, and so is good hygiene! What better motivation is there to stay clean and smelling fresh than some cold, hard cash? None! This clever DIY Money Soap gift will keep your graduate bathing daily, or at least until they finally make it to that tightly-rolled bill in the center. Who knows… that just might be their next tank of gas to come home for a visit!

3. Laptop Sleeve

Laptop Sleeve

A recent study shows 92% of college students consider a laptop computer to be a necessity. Laptops can be expensive and fragile–especially if you get one of those branded with that famous one-bitten fruit. Help your graduate protect their investment with this cool, handmade laptop sleeve. You can even make one suitable for a tablet or e-book reader as well!

4. Instagram Journal

Instagram Journal

The popular photo-sharing smartphone app, Instagram, has over 100 million monthly active users and over 40 million photos per day. So, there’s a pretty good chance your graduate has an Instagram profile. Check out this tutorial to customize an ordinary journal or notebook with a collage of your graduate’s favorite Instagram photos.

5. Personalized Etched Glasses

Personalized Etched Glasses

When you’re sharing a tiny dorm room with another person, it’s important to define what stuff belongs to whom. This is especially true of dishes. Nothing is more annoying than washing someone else’s dirty dishes. Give your graduate some of these classy, personalized etched glasses. You could add a memorable inside joke or a few words of an inspirational nature on custom can coolers instead. They’ll appreciate knowing whose dishware belongs to whom when it comes time pack up for the summer.

6. I Heart My State Painting

I Heart My State Painting

Home is where the heart is, they say. Quite literally with this gift! “Heartify” your graduate’s hometown and state with this DIY framed painting. This conversation starter is easy and modern and will remind them of home every day!

7. Survival Kit

Survival Kit

Give your grad the gift of preparation. Whip up this snazzy little DIY Survival Kit that travels anywhere! Glove box, backpack, overnight bag – she’ll have all the pain relievers, Band-Aids and stomach settlers that life could require. No excuses for missing class, young lady!

8. Sun Jar

Sun Jar

For countless good reasons we all understand, candles are generally prohibited from dormitories on campus. But even the most austere of accommodations have a window. Give your grad the warm glow of a candle with none of the danger with the DIY Sun Jar. El sol keeps this cool little lamp powered, so no cash spent on batteries. That’s a win.

9. Floor Cushions

Floor Cushions

Oh! The places they’ll go! Help your grad hone his hosting skills with a set of comfy, cozy floor cushions. Guaranteed to make any dorm room more inviting (for study groups, naturally). Unsure what fabric to pick? Play it safe and pick up some fabric with your grad’s favorite sports team.

Which one of these DIY Graduation gifts would you have loved to receive when you graduated? Let us know in the comments below!

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