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T-shirts for Ladies: Find the Perfect Fit

As the custom t-shirt market expanded, the variety of ladies t-shirt styles and shapes grew beyond the traditional unisex t-shirt we all know and love/hate. We have choices now, ladies – and instead of taking home a unisex t-shirt and tying it off to the side like we did in the 80s, or butchering it into a more flattering style, we can buy custom t-shirts for our group that fit our shapes perfectly without modification. Lots of high school groups (dance teams, volleyball teams, cheerleaders and soccer teams) have found the perfect custom t-shirt in Junior’s sizing at BlueCotton.com. I’d like to give you a few tips about placing a custom t-shirt order for ladies, my secret weapon in sizing up a ladies t-shirt, and the difference between Women’s and Junior’s t-shirts.

The most important thing to note is women’s sizing is different than men’s sizing. If you are in the process of collecting sizes for a bulk order, make sure you ask your teammates for their unisex t-shirt size as well as their ladies t-shirt size. Sometimes our customers will decide to ditch the unisex t-shirts in favor of a ladies custom t-shirt design, but have already collected sizing that was intended as a “basic t-shirt” size. I wear a medium in a men’s unisex t-shirt, and if someone asked me what my t-shirt size was, I would respond with “medium”, since it is the default. In the Anvil 978 (women’s shirt), I would choose a large. While I size up for women’s garments, not all women may do the same. A person who orders a small in a men’s shirt, may also wear is small in a women’s shirt – it’s really a personal preference. When gathering sizes for custom t-shirts for women, I suggest taking down both women’s and unisex t-shirt sizes, in case you decide to go a different route with the garment itself.

At BlueCotton.com, we have separated the shirts for ladies into two basic categories – women’s t-shirts and junior’s t-shirts. We made this distinction to give you a general idea on how the shirt run in terms of sizing. Women’s t-shirts are what you would expect to find in the Misses’ or Women’s section of your favorite department store. The junior’s t-shirts you may find in (where else?) the Junior’s department. The shirts listed in the junior’s section run smaller than the women’s shirts. If you are accustomed to shopping in the Junior’s section in your local mall, you’ll find plenty of shirts in our Junior’s section that will suit you. If you frequent the Misses, Women’s or Plus Size departments, the Women’s t-shirts will have everything you need to find the perfect t-shirt for your group.

On each individual shirt’s page, you find a link called “See How It Fits.” Each shirt has a sizing chart provided by the manufacturer. Here you will find exact measurements of the width, length and sleeve length of the t-shirt in every available size. If you have questions about how the t-shirt is “made”, these exact measurements can be a huge help. When evaluating a prospective purchase, I put my favorite t-shirt out flat on the table and measure its length and width. Then I compare my shirt’s measurements to the size chart to see how the prospect stands up to my old favorite. If you have a favorite t-shirt that can’t be beat in terms of fit, give this method a try.

Let’s take a look at a couple of our most popular ladies t-shirts.

In this corner, weighing in at 16 different colors, is the Anvil 978. The Anvil 978 is 100% cotton with tapered sleeves, which are also shorter in length for women. This eliminates the baggy, flappy sleeve you get with unisex t-shirts. Available in sizes Small through 2X, the Anvil 978 is sizes for women, in a traditional cut. This isn’t a fitted shirt, but a basic, relaxed t-shirt with a feminine edge. It is tapered slightly, and flares at the hip, so that it doesn’t appear bunched up and ill-fitting at the waist and hip.
Take a look at our cheeky video featuring the Anvil 978.

Moving on to a t-shirt for junior’s, we have the American Apparel 2102 Girly Fine Jersey t-shirt. It totally has a speciality shop/ boutique feel to it. Made from 100% cotton in a fine jersey knit, you would be hard-pressed to find a softer t-shirt. This junior’s t-shirt is made to fit close to the body, and does so like none other. My sister is 5’6″ and 105 pounds, and the American Apparel 2102 in size small looks like it came from the tailor’s shop. It was made for her to wear! She loves this shirt more than life itself, and owns one in nearly all of the 31 color variations in which it is available. If you are slight of build and have trouble finding a shirt that wears well, the 2102 should be your first choice.

I hope this little jaunt through the ladies t-shirt maze helps you choose the perfect custom t-shirt for women or juniors. As always, please take a look over our uncensored customer reviews listed at the bottom of each garment’s page. These comments were made by people just like you who took the time to report back on their experiences with the shirts. We value your feedback! Please leave us a note on your favorite ladies t-shirts below.

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