29 November 2011 ~ 1 Comment

The DIY T-shirt Bouquet

So we’ve all seen the standard flower bouquet, the cookie bouquet and the candy bouquet. Today we bring you the new gold standard – the t-shirt bouquet. More precisely, this DIY project shows you how to craft a bridal bouquet made of t-shirts. You read that correctly. A bridal bouquet of t-shirts.

This blog post is particularly appropriate for BlueCotton’s customer service team who has no less than four weddings scheduled for 2012. There’s just so much love in customer service. Have you talked to any of our customer service people? They’re lovable for sure.

The t-shirt bouquet would also be perfect for loved ones who are allergic to flowers! It’s handmade and beautiful! Guys – don’t sleep on this one…we know you have some craftiness in you yet.

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