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Pop (Culture T-Shirt) Quiz!

As You WishWhat can I say? With the exception of most reality television shows, I love pop culture–movies and television especially. Not only are they entertaining, but also a huge influence on our society. Things that are “hip” and “cool” are so often determined by what we are watching at any given time in history. Think about it. How many women in the mid-1990s went to their hair salon asking for “The Rachel?” A lot. Would the moustache have been as popular in the 1980s if Magnum P.I. didn’t exist? I doubt it.

The greatest thing about pop culture, though, has to be its social ability to create relationships. How many times have you connected with another person over a movie or television show you’ve both seen and enjoyed. I would venture to guess that many lasting friendships have been sparked by a memorable quote from a film. Heck, some films and television shows lead to conventions where thousands of fans gather to celebrate their passion and love for them.

This social aspect of pop culture is one of the reasons of love t-shirts based around television and movies so much. But I’m not talking about those shirts that just have the name/logo of a film plastered on the front. No, what I appreciate are the more subtle designs–the kind that only a true fan would understand. For example, look at the design to the upper right. Do you know to what film it is referencing? If you said, “The Princess Bride,” you are correct. And that’s what I’m talking about. If you’ve never seen that film, you’d never understand what that design truly means. It’s designs like that that allow passersby with common interests to share “a moment” as fans.

Below are ten more designs making subtle references to a sampling of films and televisions of which I am a fan. Can you guess to what they are referring? Leave your guesses in the comments section of this post.

Bluth Company

Paddy's Irish Pub

Flux Capacitor

Greendale Community College

Sloth <3 Chunk

Vance Refrigeration

City of Pawnee, Indiana

Camp Anawanna

Callahan Auto Parts

Image Source: 80sTees.com

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  1. Daniel 27 July 2011 at 8:43 am Permalink

    Arrested Development, Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Back to The Future, Community (NBC), The Goonies, The Office, Parks and Rec, ? , Salute Your Shorts, Tommy Boy

  2. Amber 7 January 2013 at 3:14 am Permalink

    The one missing from Daniel’s list is a Sex Bob Omb/Scott Pilgrim shirt, right?

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