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Perfect Your T-Shirt Folding Technique [Video]

The FlipFoldFolding your t-shirts can be a real pain. And, if you’re like me, you may not even know how to “properly” fold your t-shirts. Instead of that fancy “department store fold–as I like to call it–I usually just end up folding them right down the center leaving that unsightly crease over the length of my torso. Yeah, I could always build one of those t-shirt racks I recently posted about, but even then I would still have plenty of t-shirts left over in need of folding.

T-Shirt Folding Boards: Buy One, or Make One

Some of you might have seen one of those “professional” t-shirt folding boards–like the FlipFold (pictured right)–on a late night infomercial. Such a device will definitely make folding your shirts much simpler, but can be relatively expensive. If you have some spare cardboard boxes, a ruler, some duct tape, and a pair of scissors, you can just make your own! Check out this video to show you how.

The Japanese Folding Method: Fold Like a Ninja

Of course, there is another method worth trying that requires no additional equipment at all! The video below demonstrates an amazing folding trick that originates from Japan. It requires some practice to get the hang of it, but it’s a pretty impressive and effective way to properly fold your shirts.

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