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Design Studio Tip: Design Ideas

LightbulbSo you want to create a shirt for your organization or for an upcoming event, but you have no idea what you want your design to look like?  Well, BlueCotton.com has just the thing to cure your creative woes… Just check out our Design Ideas section and get started customizing one of over 200 pre-made designs in dozens of different categories!  These provide the perfect starting point for anyone needing a little creative boost when creating their very own, unique custom garments.

Continue reading for a more in-depth review of how Design Ideas works and how they can help you achieve an attractive design you can be proud of…

There two main ways to get to the Design Ideas section of the BlueCotton.com website:

1. Click “Design Ideas” in the navbar at the top of every page…

Design Ideas Navbar

2. Click the “Browse Design Ideas” button within the Design Studio…

Design Ideas Design Studio

Using either of those two methods, you will find yourself at the Design Ideas index page (see below). Here you will find all of the different design categories–and corresponding subcategories–that we offer.  Click on a category to browse a gallery of available design templates of that subject.

Design Ideas Index Page

Once you have found a design that you would like to use, click on the thumbnail, and then click the “Choose this Design Idea” button below the large preview image (see below).

Choose this Design Idea

Doing so will open the design in the BlueCotton Design Studio.  Here you can select the individual elements of the design and customize them to suit your needs.  For example, you can select a new garment, change the color of the text, replace the provided text with your own, add a piece of clip art, or do any other of the amazing things of which the Design Studio is capable.  Just check out what I was able to do with the baseball design I selected in the previous step…

Before & After

For more tips like this one, keep checking the BlueCotton Blog regularly.

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